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1 Small dog (e.g. Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier and WHW) £11.50
1 medium dog (e.g. Springer Spaniel, Border Collie and Labrador) £12.00
1 Large dog (e.g. German Shepherd, Doberman and Retriever) £12.50
1 Giant sized dog (e.g. St Bernard, Wolfhound and Great Dane) £12.75
Sharing prices (from the same household)

Sharing prices (from the same household)

2 Small dogs £19.50
2 Medium dogs £20.25
2 Large dogs £22.00
2 Giant dogs £23.00

Different sizes / breeds of dogs will be priced accordingly


1 Cat £7.50
2 Cats sharing (from same household) £13.50
3 Cats sharing (from same household) £18.00
4 Cats sharing (from same household) £20.00
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